Yamaha TMax Hybrid: Exploring the Future

Motorcycle lovers tend to look at everything that bears the surnameelectricas if it were a weirdo, but it seems that we will have to get used to seeing more and more motorcycles and scooters with this type of propulsion, in addition to hybrids.

The Iwata brand has been working on the latter, which has registered the sketches of what appears to be a hybrid Yamaha TMax.

This is not Yamaha’s first foray into this type of vehicle: in 2005 it introduced a futuristic hybridconceptcalled GenRyu, powered by an R6 engine and an electric motor. Then in 2009, something that seemed much closer to a stock bike: the HVX, with a 250cc singlecylinder engine, mounted on a TMax chassis, as well as an electric motor.

If those prototypes were hybrid motorcycles, these patent sketches show a maxi scooter, with the appearance of a TMax.

Hybrid differs from the other scooters we’ve seen with dual powertrains, such as the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid and Honda’s PCX Hybrid. These are mainly based on the use of a gasoline engine to which an electric motor is added, which is a complement to the first.

In the case of the Yamaha that we see in the sketches, the main engine is electric, with a small gasoline engine that serves to move a generator and recharge the first, allowing a much higher autonomy. The final drive is by chain or belt.

Unlike the GenRyu or the HVX, in the Yamaha TMax hybrid there is no type of transmission from the combustion engine to the wheel. Only the electric motor fulfills this task.

In any case, it seems that at least three of the four Japanese brands are working on cleanenergy motorcycles and scooters, both in pure electrics and in hybrids. You will have to get used to it.

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