Yamaha Tmax and Xmax 2021

Naturally, Yamaha is not forgetting its sportiest scooters for 2021, especially when among them is the coveted TMAX, which has managed to increase its sales by 56% in 2020.

XMAX Tech Mach is here: First, the smallest of the three, the XMAX 125 updates its Blue Core engine to the highly regarded Euro5, benefiting from the same improvements as the NMAX, increasing its performance to low and medium regime and reducing its consumption to 2.4 l./100km. The new Start & Stop system also contributes to this, which, in addition to reducing it to 2.3, reduces the level of CO2 emissions.

Some improvements that are accompanied by a revision of the dimensions of the chassis, which are reflected in an increase in the wheelbase and its stability, along with a drastic weight reduction, considerably improve both its handling and its maneuverability while standing still.

For its part, the 300 cc version of the XMAX 300, achieves the perfect balance between lightness and power compared to the more “bulky” maxi scooters, it also receives 2021 with an update of its propeller to Euro 5 regulations.

Both engines align the name of their best equipped version for 2021 with the arrival of the XMAX 125 Tech Max and XMAX 300 TechMax that, in addition to exclusive Tech Kamo colors, Power Gray. They include some components such as the anodized footrests (in the case of the eighth-liter model), in addition to the seat with contrasting stitching, matching the padding of the seat well, the Gilles Tooling handlebar stops, the graphics on the protectors fork or TechMax logo on the 300 TMax.

The head of the clan, after the update to the Euro5 received in its powerful 560 cc engine in its 2020 edition, only announces the new Power Gray decoration in its premium version TMAX, which improves the equipment of the standard version with the control cruising, electrically adjustable windshield as well as heated grips and seat.

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