XLMoto Slipstream: Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack


XLMoto has its own waterproof motorcycle backpack, the XLMoto Slipstream.

As a regular motorcycle rider, if not on a daily basis, you may always walk around with backpacks.

The XLMoto is a backpack that at first glance follows the patterns of existing backpacks on the market (hard shell, large, many liters) but that seemed to be more compact and less bulky than the rest.

XLMoto Slipstream has an inner area (not the inside of the backpack, but the part of the back). The backpack is of a very resistant rigid design, with a textile exactly the same as a cordura jacket, completely waterproof and resistant to falls and abrasion.

The internal part is like a normal day-to-day backpack, it is made of an equally resistant textile material, but without any casing. This would not be a novelty if it weren’t for the fact that it conforms to the shape of the “outer shell”, which has a certain curvature.

For the day-to-day off the bike, this backpack may seem a bit long, but once on the bike, it adapts very well and copies the curvature of the back very effectively, thanks to the fact that the internal part is practically like “a school backpack”, without unnecessary extra reinforcements.

The XLMoto Slipstream, despite being quite capable, has very good aerodynamics. When you start curving, you do not appreciate carrying a large load on your back, this is thanks to a very subtle extra strap, which is at the bottom and that you can fasten as a “belt”. This, together with the versatile curve of its design, and the interior area of the back without a shell and completely adaptable, when you curve or lean towards a curve, even when changing direction, you do not perceive the sensation of carrying a backpack.

The XLMoto Slipstream backpack is undoubtedly a candidate to take into account. It has very good aerodynamics and much more capacity than it appears visually.