Wow! Italian Electric Scooters, Practical and Functional


The Italian brand Wow! launches Wow! electric scooters in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Let us remember that these electric scooters Wow! wheels -16 ′′ – were shown at the Milan show in 2018, so they have been in the process for a long time.

The Wow! Electric scooters start their journey with two models, the Model 4 (moped) and the Model 6 (equivalent to 125 cc), with a modern and simple aesthetic, clean but full of technology. They are the direct competition of the Super Soco CPx for cycle part and aesthetics.

With the engine anchored to the chassis and belt transmission, they have different battery options (2Ah / 2.2 kWh, 42Ah / 3.0 kWh or 48Ah / 3.4 kW) that will increase their autonomy, up to a maximum of 106 km for the moped and 95 for the L3 (equivalent to 125 cc).

One of its curiosities is that the two removable batteries are housed flanking the rear light, as in small saddlebags, and are extracted horizontally. Its recharging time ranges between 4 and 5 hours.

Another curiosity is its seat, which is divided into two parts that open independently and face each other. Under it there is space for two jet helmets.

As for the instrumentation, it is obviously digital, with an LCD screen and it has the necessary connectivity. The lighting is full led with the headlight in the lower part of the shield.

In the cycle part, its 16 ′′ wheels, its front and rear 220 mm disc brakes with combined braking, and its flat platform stand out.

The price of the Model 4 with the 32Ah battery pack is 3,750 euros, while the Model 6 with the 42Ah pack is 4,790 euros.