Volcon Grunt, a Two-wheeled Tractor and Electric Motorcycle


From the United States, comes a new electric motorcycle manufacturer that has just presented its first project, the Volcon Grunt.

It is a “utility bike”, a work motorcycle designed for an environment of agricultural or livestock tasks, to carry a bale of straw or to travel through muddy or stony roads.

And it is equipped with thick balloon tires, with a tread worthy of a tractor, which gives an idea on which terrain it intends to move.

It is powered by an electric motor located in the chassis with a chain final drive, which allows it to reach 100 km/h, and with a range of 160 km. It is equipped with disc brakes, inverted fork, double steel cradle chassis and full led lighting.

It has nothing superfluous, everything is practical, although it is a motorcycle that can also be very fun and can be used to do “the goat”, logically, as if it were a Suzuki Van Van or a Yamaha TW 200, saving the differences.

If it had two-wheel drive, it would be the bomb, like the Rokon, another veteran American utility bike.

In the United States, it will cost about $6,995.