Victory Vision 800, a Prototype Automatic Motorcycle from Future


The Victory Vision 800 was a prototype, a concept that advanced a new family of motorcycles that never been produced.

It was 2005 when the Victory brand, under the umbrella of the American giant Polaris, launched a prototype sport touring motorcycle with futuristic lines, far removed from its style of custom and cruiser motorcycles, the Victory Vision 800.

The defunct brand of the Polaris group experimented with a new concept, a futuristic GT motorcycle powered by an 800 cc parallel twin engine. -4T, LC, 8V, SOHC, IE-, from one of its quads, specifically the Polaris Sportsman 800.

Designed by Tiger Bracy, it was a motorcycle with a long wheelbase, because this twin engine had almost horizontal cylinders, making it a long and low engine. As an extra, the fuel tank was located behind the front wheel, ahead of the cylinders, instead of being in the usual position on a motorcycle.


The Victory Vision 800 incorporated interesting technical solutions
The designers created a large space to store two full face helmets, which also influenced their external lines. Thus, part of the fairing and what should be the fuel tank was a large hole.

Not only its lines were futuristic, but also its concept or the technology that was used. In addition to aesthetics, the available space also added a final drive by cardan and single arm – there was also a version with a toothed belt. But there was more.

Again, taken from its quads, the Victory Vision 800 was equipped with an automatic transmission, without gearbox or clutch, with automatic variator.


It was a motorcycle ahead of its time as the Honda NCs followed this idea
To top it off, the braking system consisted solely of two brake levers that operated the calipers that bit into the pair of lobed front brake discs, and the single rear disc.

All these characteristics bring to mind a well-known family of Honda models, the NC700, launched in 2012, which shared the idea of the reclined twin-cylinder engine, the space to store a helmet or the automatic transmission.

The Victory Vision 800 was a motorcycle far ahead of its time, really curious and with innovative solutions but which, unfortunately, never materialized in a series motorcycle of the brand.