USB Car Charger: Why You Need It


If we travel a lot and in company or with more than one device, it is important to purchase a car charger that allows multiple devices to be charged.

Mobile phone batteries are evolving very quickly and the newest ones support fast charges to reduce charging times, so we must see if our devices meet these requirements or we need to think of making an investment.

Consider purchasing universal chargers to charge any USB and USB-C device and compatible with Apple and Android devices. It is also important that they carry a cable to save us the confusion of leaving the cable at home when we are on the road.

Safety comes first: Safety is crucial when choosing a car charger so as not to damage our devices, we must ensure that they are safe against overloads, short circuits, overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent and excess charging. And that they have a guarantee of at least one year.


Car charger RAVPower RP-VC006

The RAVPower RP-VC006 is considered the best charger for most people because it includes two USB ports that individually adjust their power output, up to 2.4 amps, to perfectly match the requirements of the device that has been connected to the port.

The RP-VC006 is cheap, with an aluminum alloy finish, completely safe from the electrical contact of the lighter, and with a lifetime warranty if one registers on the company’s website.

It is designed with individual circuits that ensure that connected devices are safe from overheating, overcurrent, and overloading. Once a device is connected to any of the USB ports they start to charge automatically, and everything we have connected to the RP-VC006 has been charged in a normal time.

The light of the USB ports only turns on when it recognizes a connected device, so they are not on all the time and can be little visible when we want to plug in a cable at night or in low light.

The RP-VC006 does not allow fast charging over USB or USB-C, but it tries to charge almost all devices at the fastest speed it can.