Types of Motorcycle Pants: Characteristics and Qualities


Nowadays, you can find different types of motorcycle pants in the market, that are designed based on your needs. Whether you are looking for cordura pants, leather pants, motorcycle jeans or offroad jeans, we will tell you the characteristics of each one of them so that you know which one to choose.

Good equipment for the rider is essential if you want to enjoy your motorcycle with maximum safety. And just as we would not overlook a good motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle jacket, motorcycle gloves or motorcycle boots, it is also important to stop and analyze the types of motorcycle pants that we can find in the market, knowing the characteristics and qualities of each one of them.

Unfortunately motorcycle pants are one of the great forgotten, for many the last garment in which they usually invest. A very common mistake when you are not fully aware of their true importance, their protective function in the event of a fall and how, through abrasion resistant materials and protections, they can make the difference between a scare and a much bigger problem .

The market has evolved a lot in recent years and you can find very different motorcycle pants, intended for different types of uses, different types of motorcycle or different types of needs. Thus, while leather pants offer maximum protection, motorcycle jeans offer greater comfort and sanity pants maximum versatility.


Cordura motorcycle pants

Cordura motorcycle pants are designed to be used on the road and for motorcycle travel, but not in the city. They are the most versatile of all and those that allow a greater degree of adaptation. Sanity, a fabric based on nylon, can be found in different qualities, thicknesses and resistances, but it always offers mobility and lightness, even when we get off the motorcycle.

Motorcycle pants made of cordura can equip both thermal linings and waterproof linings, and in most cases these are usually removable. In addition, many often include ventilation openings to lower our temperature when the heat is on. Sanity as such is a breathable fabric.

Sanity pants usually include rigid knee protectors, as well as protections and reinforcements in areas of the shins and hips. The biggest drawback that can be found to sanity is its lack of resistance to abrasion, so it is sometimes reinforced with inserts in leather or other materials.


Leather motorcycle pants

Leather motorcycle pants follow two aspects, either they can be sporty or classic custom type. Leather continues to be the material with the highest resistance to abrasion and therefore the one used in situations with the greatest probability of falling, such as on circuits and competition.

The sporty style leather moto pants are garments that in most cases are part of a set of jacket and pants, to complete a removable and zippered jumpsuit between the two. They are pants that include strong protections on knees and shins, as well as the possibility of installing sliders on them.

Classic style leather motorcycle pants are more discreet and less reinforced garments. They have an important aesthetic responsibility and although they tend to offer rigid knee protections and reinforcements in compromised parts, their level of safety is lower than in sports-style ones.

Of course, although leather offers high levels of protection, its low comfort makes them not very practical, in addition to being cold in winter and hot in summer, which especially limits their use. Sports cars are often used on sports bikes, on weekend outings or on the track, and classic ones on quiet weekend outings, but rarely for traveling or getting around town.