Top Modern Motorcycle Innovations in 2020

Motorcycle culture is the result of high technology and motorcycles with their equipment become more innovative on a yearly basis. The motorcycle market sees developments that make the life of motorcyclists better. Nowadays, there is a special focus on replacing outdated approaches with innovative electronics and materials.

What new items are waiting for the motorcycle world and what innovations are already being prepared for publication in the near future?


Smart Motorcycle Helmets

While motorcycle riders’ attention is focused on the emergence of new e-bikes from popular companies and young startups, motorcycle manufacturers have been working on smart motorcycle helmets for a long time.

These new helmets are intended to allow the driver not to be distracted from the road by looking at the dashboard, and directly see it in front of him. They also display a rear-view camera or an image of blind spots on the visor, yet, sometimes this can only be distracting.

There is also a focus on materials that can protect a person’s head from impact and its consequences, but very soon the helmet will have a whole list of necessary functions: a high-speed computing board, GPS chips, built-in Bluetooth, a high-resolution wide-angle camera and more than one, separate audio and the microphone system, system memory, and, naturally, the battery to fuel all this wealth. Although, even this is not enough for manufacturers and they are working on the implementation of voice commands.

Shoei has taken the road among professional gear giants and introduced a new IT-HT helmet. The Shoei IT-HT is the first iteration of the brand with a head up display system, which is quite practical and that can be even more useful on a motorcycle.

Check also an innovative GPS head up display system for motorcycle helmets.

Bosch Smartglasses Light Drive

What if I want to have an augmented vision system all the time, and not only when wearing a motorcycle helmet? I already have a cool Icon helmet and glasses, in which I ride because of poor eyesight – I don’t want to give up either one or the other. Bosch Smartglasses Light Drive promises to turn any glasses into augmented vision system.

What else is missing in all of the above variety of additions to a motorcycle helmet? And there is a lack of a system that would call an ambulance if a motorcyclist has an accident, there is no one nearby and he is not able to call for help himself.

The concept was named ConTekt, its author is motorcyclist Ty Uehara – a man who had an accident and realized how scary it is if you cannot call for help yourself. The idea is to build a system that helps the helmet determine that the rider has had an accident. For this, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, GPS, accelerometers and Bluetooth are combined into a single chain. When information from all systems determines the fact of an accident, the helmet will transmit the information to the phone using Bluetooth and call for help.


Motorcycle airbags for civilian riders

The Alpinestars Tech-Air® 5 2020 is entering the market this year. It is interesting because it can be worn with any textile jacket of any brand. There is only one most important condition – the jacket must have 4 centimeters of free space around the wearer’s body so that the pillow can unfold without obstacles.

Alpinestars assures that this vest is capable of absorbing 95% of the impact force, it takes up to 40 milliseconds to open, it is able to protect the back, chest, abdomen and especially the shoulder and collarbone of the driver. The novelty has an active electronic system with six built-in sensors, including three gyroscopes and three accelerometers, as well as a failure algorithm that uses AI to track when the airbag is deployed. 


Damon Motorcycles, CoPilot and Hypersport

Damon Motorcycles project is an electric bike concept that is able to identify potential hazards around it 360 degrees. According to one of the founders of the company, Jay Giraud, the idea to create a motorcycle with such a system appeared to draw attention to the development of CoPilot itself – this is the name of this 360-degree safety algorithm. This is more relevant for motorcyclists than for other road users, so this is a real opportunity to reduce injuries, to show work in action. The new motorcycle has already been presented on January 7 this year.

CoPilot is a network of radars, cameras and sensors located on the front and rear of the motorcycle.Thus, the system analyzes everything that happens around the motorcycle, monitors blind spots, determines turns and trajectory, their danger and inclines, monitors weather conditions and road moisture. The creators of the motorcycle claim that the bike will warn if there is a slippery section of the road ahead, and also if the owner stops too close to the car doors and may be hit. Damon Motorcycles are confident that vibration draws more attention and makes them respond faster than lights, especially when the driver is busy on the road and not looking at the dashboard.

In addition to the myriad of innovations in one electric bike, there is one more to add, it is able to adapt and “learn”. The bike is connected to a cloud data network and all the information analyzed by one bike will be available to all of its brothers as an update. Thus, it is not necessary to experience all traffic situations for the electric bike to take them into account on the road, it uses the experience of another motorcyclist through the update.