Top Car Gadgets for Trips in 2020


A road or long-distance trip can become stressful if not enough foresight is taken. Beyond checking the car in the workshop, filling it with fuel with gasoline at the best price, carrying your driving license on your mobile or planning the trip, you also have to think about options to entertain yourself inside the vehicle, especially if you travel with children.

A long road trip can present many inconveniences so it is advisable to be well equipped with all kinds of gadgets

If you are going to take a long road trip by car, it will be useful to have some specialized gadgets that make the journey more enjoyable, fun, safe and reliable. Although the driver cannot take his eyes off the road and the possibility of entertainment will be more limited, that does not imply that he cannot carry the best devices with him to enliven the journey for his passengers and make it safer for everyone. Here’s a list of the best tech gadgets to add to your road trip.

Yaber Car starter: These devices are useful when traveling by road because they serve to start your car’s engine in case the battery is damaged or the vehicle does not start again. This model costs 79.99 euros and works for all types of gasoline or diesel vehicles. It is waterproof, has QC3.0 type C fast charging function. It has smart clamps to charge the motor and protects it against reverse polarity, explosions, high temperatures, overheating, surges, overloads and more. It has an LED flashlight to shine in low light places or late at night.

Aukey mobile support: With this device, drivers can place the mobile and have direct access to the equipment without losing sight of the road. It’s ideal for long solo trips. It is for universal use, so it adapts perfectly to all types of smartphone. This device is also portable, magnetic, doesn’t take up much space, and can be placed anywhere on your dash or windshield. It can be adjusted to the angle and direction that the driver wants to push buttons, answer calls, view messages or the GPS with ease.

Ztylus car exhaust tool: Just in case, it is necessary to have car exhaust tools, in case they had to be used in the event of an accident. The Ztylus model, for example, is used to break glass in an emergency, but it also has a tool to cut seat belts. Its design is similar to that of a mobile battery charger or cigarette lighter. It is placed in this port and its ergonomic design allows the driver to take it in an emergency.

Hands-free Mpow: This is a headset that works with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, allowing the driver to answer calls during road trips. It is compatible with iOS, Android and the internal car call system. It allows for high definition, which facilitates a clear communication between both parties. Its batteries last 280 hours in standby time and between five and six hours when in use. It is used to listen to music and leave your hands free to maneuver the vehicle. It is adjustable and comfortable to use.

Rampow USB charger: This model includes two USB ports with LED lighting to charge 24W and 4.8A mobile phones. It is used for different types of equipment and brands. It offers a stable and safe charging system, protects against short circuits and overloads. This charger is compatible with iOS and Android.

WordCam Car Dash Cam: This car camera measures 7 inches and records in Full HD at 1080 pixels. It is replaced by the internal rear view mirror completely to install front and side cameras, so that the driver has visibility at different angles. The screen is tactile, allowing you to switch from one view to another with just a touch. It has good visibility during the day, at night or in times of fog or snow.

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