TOP Bicycle Innovations and Trends in 2020


Like any other industry, the bicycle industry cannot stand aside from innovations. Every single day brings new trends and inventions to the market, providing customers faster, much secure and easier bicycling.

Latest innovations with the “healthy life” trend grow the number of people who regularly use bikes in large cities worldwide. It is predicted that the number of bike users will increase about twice in the US till 2022 (Deloitte Insights). Going narrower, bicycling in New York is a common activity for 24% of the city’s population (According to DOT’s Cycling in the City report).

Hence, what are the main trends and innovations that the bicycle industry is set to face? Let’s find out some important aspects.

Increasing Number of Bicycle Users and Positive Effects: With the increasing number of people living in cities, there appear requirements for more efficient vehicles, such as bikes. Bicycling is becoming more common, involving more countries and cities around the globe. For instance, at present, there are already several cities worldwide where 10% of all journeys are bicycling, and this number is set to increase.

And the best part is that urban bicycle use increase can lead to some fundamental societal changes, such as reducing traffic as well as pollution, less-crowded public transportation systems, public health improvements, etc.

Gravel Bikes as All-Rounders: Gravel bicycles are considered more stable, they are the light version of the road bicycles frame. These bikes are available in aluminum, carbon and titanium. Gravel bikes are considered more convenient, easy to navigate and forceful to move by lots of people regarding these bikes’ seats.

Another major aspect of gravel cycles is that these have way more space in the frame and wider 28-inch tyres with a width of over 42 mm.

Improved e-Bike Lock: Standard bike lock has gotten some improvements. Starting from chains which were heavy  to locks, which are operated with the use of wireless features. There are more cycle lock innovations yet to come, such as VICE cycles. This bike is connected with your phone and a wheel transmitter, in order to locate your position and communicate with your lock in real-time.

Innovative Technology that can Make Bicycling More Secure: Nowadays, one can find lots of solutions, such as different accelerometers and gyroscopes, available on lots of phones, tablets, that can be used to identify accidents. There are also some models of cycle helmets that can be used to call a predefined number on the rider’s phone in case of any potential crash ahead. Nowadays, you can even find bluetooth helmet in the market.

To conclude, bicycling is at the uptrend and this is also by means of lots of technologies and new types of bikes that make bicycling much easier and safer. From more comfortable seats to different ways to get signals about the road situation, new technologies make using bicycles not only more convenient, but also help to reduce the use of cars and other dangerous for the nature vehicles.

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