Tire labeling: The News for 2021

Recently, there have been changes in classifying tires. New parameters regarding the performance, corresponding labeling, and energy efficiency are preparing to enter the list of criterias of millions of motorists while choosing tires, according to Regulation (EU) 2020/740 of the European Parliament.

The new homologation and labeling standards mandatory will enter into force starting from May, 2021, the legislator has intended to expand the indications that have been provided for some time on the tire:

  • external noise,
  • efficiency relative to fuel consumption,
  • braking on wet surfaces.

The new snow and ice pictogram: From 1 May 2021, and with the purpose to help the consumer in selecting a type of product that is gradually more effective, the option of a pictogram will appear on each winter tire (represented by the stylization of a mountain with three peaks with a snowflake inside) for the behavior of the tire in the event of snow and / or ice, next to the noise indication.

This new system will enable customers to be even more informed about the weather in the most demanding driving conditions during the cold season based on the minimum values ​​found in the tests carried out according to the indications of the UNECE European regulation no. 117 (snow) and the community standard ISO 19447 (ice).

The changes of the classification parameters: In addition, starting from May 1 of the next year, a further novelty will arrive in the labeling of tires: the classification of rolling resistance and effectiveness of braking in the wet will focus on 5 letters (from “A” to “E”) instead of 7. This is due to the fact that since 2018 the sale of tires classified with the letter “F” is prohibited. The new energy and dynamic classification labeling will take on mandatory value on newly manufactured tires and retreaded tires, while tires intended for heavy and industrial vehicles will be exempt.