The Most Anticipated Off-road Motorcycles of 2021


What are the most anticipated motorcycles of 2021? Let’s find out together.


Gas Gas EC300

It is part of the first batch of motorcycles after the acquisition of Gas Gas by the KTM group. The intention of the Austrian group is to position its brands in different ranges. If Husqvarna focuses on the high-end and KTM on the competition, Gas Gas is the brand that meets the needs of the average hobbyist who makes his weekend outings and therefore does not give up racing.

Thus, the Gas Gas allows the engine to turn down, with the disadvantage of not having a sidereal stretch. The smooth response of the abundant engine torque allows you to come out with flying colors in very twisty sections or complicated trails typical of Extreme Enduro. The media are outstanding, and although it does not have a sidereal stretch, it is more than enough for the type of user it is intended for.

In short, a comfortable motorcycle, with a very balanced riding position and that thanks to its soft bass and powerful mids will delight the average user.


Rieju MR 300

The Rieju MR 300 is almost a clone of the 2-stroke Gas Gas 300 from last season with the adjustments made by the Rieju technicians, which are summarized in the new starter motor cover, wider footrests, fast type front axle and the chassis and swingarm decoration in black.

If we take into account that Jonathan Barragán won the E3 Spanish Championship in 2019 on a Gas Gas practically as standard in 2018 identical to the one at hand and that its price is €7,499, it can be firmly stated that it is the motorcycle with best value for money on the market.

The Rieju MR 300 has some first-class components, such as the Kayaba suspensions and the Nissin brakes, both of very good quality and better performance, at the best level in the category.

The handling of the bike is excellent thanks to its weight of 103.4 kg, a weight within the reach of the best motorcycles in the segment. The MR has a lot of poise on the front wheel and this gives confidence in fast areas, chronos and descents. On straights it is stable, but also very manageable in the most complicated and twisted areas.

Without being the latest in technology, it offers everything you need to compete with guaranteed reliability based on top quality components.

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