How should connected cars be in order to be defined as a good to purchase? If you are considering choosing a new car that connects to your smartphone, check the pros and cons of the best connected cars of 2020 in comparison.

It’s easy to call it a connected car, but in reality the connectivity technologies on the new 2020 cars are very different from each other. What are the really useful functions of a connected car? Is it enough to connect the car to the smartphone to call it a connected car? But above all, how easy and safe are connected cars to use? 

ADAC compared different brands and models to select the best connected cars of 2020. A comparison that also helps to understand how the on-board technology of new cars is changing and to choose the new car that suits you best. needs. For the comparative test the ADAC compared 5 connected cars from 24,000 to 49,000 euros of German, French and Asian brands. If you want to buy the best connected car of 2020, the price is expensive but adequate for the hi-tech goodies with the additional packages. It is immediately obvious that Tesla is not among the cars evaluated, despite being a precursor of Over The Air updates and a symbol of connectivity par excellence.


According to ADAC, the BMW M 135i xDrive is the best connected car of 2020. It tops the ranking not only for the price of the higher set-up (48,900 euros) but also for the best connectivity for which you need to pay separately (3650 EUR). It gets the best score in the navigation test, but according to the German judges, you have to dig deep to look for digital services, a limitation common to other connected premium cars.

– Infotainment: Live Cockpit Professional
– Rating: Excellent
– Car price: 48900 euros
– Optional connectivity price: 3650 euros


– Two large HD displays, plus Head Up Display;
– Shines for operation;
– Gesture control (for a fee);
– Full Smartphone App.


– Digital services not quite at hand;
– Price of the Business Package Professional, DAB + and Gesture Control package.


The Mercedes Classe A250e Progressive ranks second among the best connected cars of 2020. At the heart of connectivity is the MBUX interface with voice driving assistant. The best rating that impresses the ADAC is for satellite navigation with augmented reality that shows the road taken by the camera instead of the simple map. If you do not use voice commands, however, navigation in the menus is cumbersome through the pads on the steering wheel immersed among other buttons.

– Infotainment: MBUX
– Rating: Good
– Car price: 38544 euros
– Optional connectivity price: 3612 euros


– Effective voice commands;
– Navigation with augmented reality;
– Digital services bookable from the car;
– Possibility to book Car Sharing through the App.


– DAB + digital radio for a fee;
– Requires training in use without distractions;
– The MBUX system only offers USB-C sockets to connect.


The Audi Q3 Sportback 35 TDI quattro S tronic is the third best connected car of 2020 according to ADAC which includes excellent display graphics but lacks a Head Up Display to limit distractions. On the other hand, there are voice commands (which can be improved) and control via the App, but with limited functions that do not include remote climate control.

– Infotainment: MMI Plus
– Judgment: Fair
– Car price: 42200 euros
– Optional connectivity price: 4175 euros


– Navigation display;
– SIM slot;
– Handwriting recognition on a large touch display.


– Limited voice commands;
– Head up Display absent;
– DAB + digital radio for a fee.


The Toyota Corolla Lounge Touring Sports Hybrid is in last position among the 10 best connected cars of 2020 according to ADAC. The connectivity system is well structured and has various control modes: touch, voice commands, steering wheel commands and function buttons. The latter, however, instead of simplifying use, require precise maneuvers as they are rather small. A Headup Display takes care of limiting the risk of distractions, while the central display is barely adequate in size. The App is available but with limited functions.

– Infotainment: Touch & Go Plus
– Judgment: Sufficient
– Car price: 36090 euros
– Optional connectivity price: 890 euros


– Easy to use;
– DAB + as standard.


– Main menu not customizable;
– Small function keys next to the display;
– Live services only with data connection;
– Limited functions of the app.

Another model by Toyota to have an eye on is, Toyota Venza 2020 Specs, which is a mid-size two-row crossover utility vehicle, slotted between the TOYOTA RAV-4 and the TOYOTA Highlander.


Of the best connected cars 2020, the Peugeot 2008 GT is the one with the cheapest additional connectivity package. Despite the approximately 10-inch display in the center of the dashboard, the iCockpit behind the steering wheel has a far superior modern 3D look. Apart from this, there are other reasons why Peugeot connectivity did not convince ADAC.

– Infotainment: 3D NAC 10 navigation system
– Judgment: Sufficient
– Car price: 33900 euros
– Optional connectivity price: 150 euros


– Modern 3D I-Cockpit;
– Easy app connectivity;
– DAB + as standard.


– Risk of distraction;
– Main menu not customizable;
– Improved navigation;
– Limited functions of the app.

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