SYM Jet 14 125 LC Euro5: Better Equipped and More Powerful


SYM is the manufacturer of scooters with the widest offer in our market, so at the beginning of 2021, when Euro5 comes into force, they are having extra work updating engines to adapt to emission requirements. Now it is the turn of the SYM Jet 14 125 LC, a model designed to be very functional on a day-to-day basis and which for this season, in addition to being more environmentally friendly, comes with improvements in equipment and aesthetics.

The first thing that catches your attention is the new front optical equipment, where the double headlight is maintained but in this case with LED technology, one of the novelties of this version. In addition to the positive contribution of having LED headlights, the new equipment provides a more modern and current image to the front assembly.

It also changes the instrument panel, which becomes fully digital, with a very elegant presentation. The truth is that it gains a lot of presence with this contribution.

The Jet 14 engine already had a solvent architecture, mono-cylinder SOHC with liquid cooling, to which a cylinder head with 4 valves is now added instead of 2. With 12.6 CV (before 11.3 CV) and 11.5 Nm (before 10.7 Nm), this 2021 version is more capable when it comes to moving in duo or, simply, doing some suburban. Also accelerations from standstill should be more solid.

Regarding the cycle part, it has not been necessary to modify any element, so it continues to have a double rear shock absorber with preload adjustment, in the suspension section, and with a 260 mm front disc and a 220 mm rear one, when it comes to braking, with the CBS system. Of course, the wheels are still 14 inches, a sign of identity of this model.

Apart from the new front optical equipment with LED technology and the incorporation of the digital display in the dashboard, the Jet 14 now has a USB 2.0 socket that will allow us to charge devices while riding. In addition, completing the load capacity provided by the chest that is hidden under the seat, and in which we can leave a full face helmet, the Jet 14 also has a flat platform, a very precious asset for the most urban users. With the help of the bag holder hook located on the counter shield, this will be a suitable space for transporting bags or backpacks. Also the glove compartment, also located in the counter shield, will be very useful for day-to-day use.

The new SYM Jet 14 will be available in matt black, white, blue and red, at a price of 2,899 euros. In addition, the first year insurance is included in the price and, as with all SYM models over 50 cc, the standard warranty is 5 years.