Super Soco Tc Max: Do You Want a Cheap Electric Scrambler Motorcycle?


If you need to move around the city daily in a cheap and simple way, you have a car license with more than 3 years or A1 permit upwards, you may have considered an electric motorcycle. If you like the cafe racer or scrambler style and your budget is tight, you don’t have to settle for a sad scooter. Introducing the Super Soco TC Max.

In the latest analysis of the motorcycle market in Spain published by ANESDOR, it is striking that January has been a black month for registrations in general. The pandemic and the storm Filomena have undoubtedly had a devastating impact, with a decrease of 37.5% compared to the same month last year.


Super Soco TC Max, an electric motorcycle that came as a breath of fresh air.

Introduced in 2019, the TC Max has been around for a while. It is true that its distribution began at the end of that year and that 2020 has not been the best time to consolidate unpublished products, but from the beginning this proposal from the Chinese brand Super Soco, known for the participation that Xiaomi has in it, attracted attention and whose distribution network in Spain is beginning to be well established.

They already attract with their numbers, because in just 101kg with the removable battery a 3.9 KW motor has been mounted. In other words, this motorcycle reaches 95km/h without dishevel, enough to move in urban environments and make forays on freeways and suburban roads. In addition, its belt transmission ensures an enviable smoothness, which does not hide despite all the powerful and immediate torque of almost 170Nm that this motorcycle offers us.

Its well-resolved chassis and swingarm, as well as the inverted fork, the adjustable rear monoshock and the brake system signed by Brembo ensure good handling and stability, to which the measurements of its tires (16 “and 14”) undoubtedly contribute as well as the relatively low position of center of gravity. Of course, when it comes to moving with agility and a point of fun, this light and well-turned-out motorcycle promises to give you more than one surprise.

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