Subaru Updates: The Possible Design of Evoltis


The Spanish website made a recreation anticipating the appearance that the SUV will be developed in conjunction with Toyota, using the E-TNGA modular platform. It is expected to be presented in 2022 and some of its characteristics have already transcended.

Electrification reaches all brands, even those that have a lower production volume than the large European or North American companies. One of them is Subaru, which is developing the Evoltis, its first electric SUV that will have the support and collaboration of Toyota, thanks to an alliance signed between the two automakers. Two companies will collaborate to share the very high development costs of the platform, batteries and its mechanics, so the end result could be something similar to that seen in the Toyota GT 86 and the Subaru BRZ.

So far, the details regarding the new model have not been announced yet, but made a very good recreation that anticipates its appearance based on the EV SUV Concept presented by Subaru at the end of January. Its design takes some hallmarks of the current style of the brand, such as the design of the headlights, although with much straighter lines, sharper surfaces and full of edges. To get an idea of ​​its dimensions, it will be similar to the Forester, competing in the C segment. The end result is very well achieved, combining sportiness with certain off-road touches.

Outside of its design, the most interesting thing will be under the body: the Evoltis will use the modular E-TNGA platform together with a future Toyota electric SUV that is also in development. It is known that it will have two power levels, 218 and 408 hp generated by two engines, fortunately maintaining the all-wheel drive that characterizes Subaru. However, there is also talk that it could offer a more accessible entry-level version, in this case with a single engine and front-wheel drive. At the moment, the capacity of the batteries and their autonomy are unknown. If the project is not delayed, production would begin in 2022, so possibly next year the final design will be known.

In addition to the Evoltis, the brand’s plans are ambitious and point to the same direction: total electrification. By 2030, it expects 40% of its products to have some type of electrification, a goal that does not seem very difficult to achieve. The goal that will represent a turning point in its history and traditions will arrive in 2035. By that year, Subaru plans that 100% of its range will be completely electric. Yes, it will mean the final goodbye to the legendary boxer engines. At least they still have several years to go.