Smart motorcycle helmet? Here is Jarvish with AR display and support for Alexa and Siri assistants

Have you ever thought about smart motorcycle helmets? Jarvish is presenting 2 models: Jarvish X and Jarvish X-AR, both made with carbon fiber shell and equipped with a few technological accessories such as integrated microphones, speakers, compatibility with Siri systems, Alexa and Google Assistant, for access via voice commands to all the services that these applications are able to provide and also a 2K front camera, useful as a Dash Cam or even to record your sessions on the track or vacation memories on two wheels.

The X-AR model, offers, in addition to the basic functions indicated above, also a “lens display” placed between the eye and the visor based on the concept of Augmented Reality (AR), providing transparent data such as speed, turn-by-turn directions, the weather, incoming calls and even the rear-view mirror function thanks to a second camera integrated in the back of the helmet.

Check out also Nuviz head up display, which is the first motorcycle helmet HUD.