Segway Apex H2, an Electric Motorcycle Powered by Hydrogen


Ninebot has shared its plans for the immediate future with its Segway Apex H2, an electric motorcycle that runs on hydrogen.

In full expansion of electric motorcycles and cars powered by batteries, the Chinese giant Ninebot plans to launch a motorcycle with a fuel cell, powered by hydrogen.

The firm already accepts reservations for your motorcycle during this month of April, and without the need for any deposit in advance.

When there are 99 reservations, a crowdfunding campaign will be launched in June, and the first deliveries are scheduled for 2023. So this is serious.

The Apex H2 is an electric naked that, thanks to a fuel cell, converts hydrogen into electricity.

In other words, instead of having an electric motor and batteries to power it, it has an electric motor, several hydrogen capsules and a fuel cell.


Segway Apex H2 is available for pre-order now and the delivery will start in 2023

According to Ninebot, 100g of hydrogen can travel 100km, which is equivalent to 1km for each gram of hydrogen.

To supply the customer with hydrogen, three modes are proposed: purchase hydrogen charges in stores, home delivery – returning the empty container – or in hydro generators – which must be created.

There are already real proposals for motorcycles powered by fuel cells, but they have not been put on sale, such as the Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell, a prototype that did not go beyond here.

More details about the Segway Apex H2 have not been revealed, but in the renders we can see that it has a front and rear single arm with alternative suspensions, full LED lighting, TFT screen instrumentation and a futuristic aesthetic.

Regarding its benefits, they declare that it offers 100 hp and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 150 km/h in 4 seconds.