Scooter News: Scooter as a Comfortable Mean of Transportation


The scooter is the means of transport that is best overcoming the crisis caused by the pandemic, by offering personal, safe, efficient, practical and economic mobility.

The motorcycle sector has suffered the smallest drop in sales in the first ten months of the year among all vehicles (13.6%, compared to 35.3% for the automobile, 34.2% for light commercial vehicles and 25.8% of industrials and buses), according to data provided by ANFAC and ANESDOR. Within the two-wheel market, scooters account for 58% of motorcycle registrations.

The scooter offers characteristics that perfectly complement the current needs of users, who demand safe and affordable means of transport, in this time of health and economic uncertainty.

SYM anticipated this market trend in May, when it launched the “Your Vital Space” campaign to promote motorcycles as a safe and sustainable mobility alternative. The motorcycle helps us to respect the environment due to its low emissions and contributes significantly to the decongestion of our cities. It also allows us to move in an economically sustainable way thanks to its reduced consumption and low maintenance costs and it preserves our “living space” from everything that worries us so much at the moment.

The “Your Living Space” campaign has been a success for the brand, and to date 6,919 customers have chosen a SYM scooter for their mobility in the new normal. In addition, the current owners of SYM have been able to enjoy (during the months of May and June) also the “SYM WITH YOU” campaign, through which the warranty period was extended by three months, a free inspection was carried out after the stoppage of confinement, applied a 15 percent discount on spare parts and they have been offered a special financing plan for revisions.

For Carlos López-Navarro, commercial director of SYM in Spain, “our scooters represent a perfect mobility system for daily use. And now, more than ever, health security measures and the economic situation make our product an indispensable tool for reactivating our lives and the economy, both in homes and businesses. We have put all our efforts to offer the best conditions to all those people who will find in SYM scooters that answer to the needs of this new normal ”.

But SYM has not only looked after the health of its customers, it has also done it for the financial health of its dealers, to whom it has provided unconditional support in the worst moments, helping them in their return to activity with the take-off campaign.

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