Safety Gloves: Garibaldi Safety Plis-Plas Primaloft


Garibaldi Safety Plis-Plas Primaloft gloves combine winter protection (Primaloft thermal insulation and Hipora waterproof membrane) with protection (Plis-Plas system), for those seeking comfort, protection and style.


Winter safety and protection

Garibaldi introduces the Safety Plis-Plas Primaloft gloves, which will be a distinctive sign of the entire range. It is a ventilated protector composed of two parts that offer extra ventilation to the glove, depending only on the position of the upper part (the upper parts are interchangeable).

They are winter sports-style gloves that also combine Nyspan with exclusive Goat DD goatskin for greater softness and comfort without sacrificing protection.


Without forgetting the comfort

The Safety Plis-Plas Primaloft provides innovative protection details to offer the best comfort as well as being designed for use in the middle of winter. The advantage of the “Plis-Plas” system is centered on the possibility of replacing the upper part easily in case of damage or deterioration as well as access to multiple color variants thanks to the different combinations between the two parts.

The thermal insulation chosen is Primaloft 4oz on the back and needled 4oz on the palm. For protection in the rain, the Hipora membrane has been chosen, which is also breathable and windproof. And to increase comfort, the BmbFit anti-wrinkle and seamless internal lining has been installed for maximum comfort and exceptional touch.

The soft EVA protections on the fingers, the TPR protector and the digital microfiber reinforcements on the palm are among the protection functions. Since these are gloves for sports use, the silicone inserts in the inside of the index and middle fingers provide a better grip on the front brake and clutch cams.

The Visor Wiper, is a soft and flexible TPR element to easily clean the dirt from the helmet screen that inevitably accumulates there in the rain. And the right fabric on the tips of the thumb and index finger has not been forgotten for the use of touch screen devices without having to remove the gloves. And in the event of a fall, Garibaldi’s long racing experience has been taken into account, which is why a bridge has been installed between the third and fourth toes that helps to prevent rotation and separation of the fingers in the event of a fall.