Pursang E-Track, the Electric Rebirth of a Myth


The Pursang E-Track, an aesthetically pleasing electric scrambler inspired by Flat Track bikes, is going to be one of the most interesting electric bikes of the year.

The founder of the brand and creator of the E-Track is Jim Palau Ribes, an engineer with extensive experience working for brands such as Mazda, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Lamborghini, Seat, Audi and GASGAS – Torrot.

The Pursang E-Track can now be booked on its website

The name Pursang is inspired by a mythical off road model of the disappeared brand of the rampant finger, Bultaco, with which Jim is in love.

The Pursang E-Track is powered by an 11 kW Bosch electric motor installed in the chassis, which drives it up to 120 km/h. You can take it with the A1 or B + 3 car license.

It is powered by a pack of three lithium-ion batteries that are not removable, thanks to which it has a range of about 140 km, performance close to those of a Zero FXS.

All its components are of national origin except for the Bosch engine

It has three power modes, Go, Cruise and Boost with 140, 115 and 80 km of autonomy, in addition to a Crawl mode, which advances at a human pace.

And the lighting is full LED and the instrumentation is a color TFT screen with all the necessary data, and with Bluetooth connectivity and app.

It recharges completely without problems in the home socket in 6 hours.

Its sale price is 12,700 euros, in line with other models on the market, but you must reserve it if you are interested.

A limited series of 60 copies is also launched, the Founder’s Edition, with carbon, gold logos and other details, at a price of 13,700 euros.

Later, the E-Street will be launched, which is more affordable and with a more asphalt approach.