Peugeot Welcomes Spring with Racing Green and Active Daring Red


Peugeot celebrates the arrival of spring with the launch of two new color decorations. Keeping with its tradition, the colors chosen by the French firm will not leave anyone indifferent. They are very striking, without a doubt, and in both cases represent a tribute to the season of the year in which we have just entered.

On the one hand, the classic style of the Peugeot Django is dressed in a Racing Green (green) that completely covers its body. This uniformity is only broken by a series of white lines that run along the front shield and the side panels, where we will also find the number 55, alluding to the first models manufactured by Peugeot in the 1950s. Altogether, this new image projects a certain sporty style that suits the Peugeot neo-retro very well. Thus, Racing Green joins the wide range of colors of the Django family.

The other color that the lion’s brand debuts for this spring is Active Daring Red. Its own name indicates it, it is a color for the brave. In this case, the model chosen by the French brand to wear this daring decoration is the Peugeot Tweet, the top of the range wheels. The truth is that, in combination with the black of the seat, the plastics of the counter shield, the platform and the upper part of the handlebar, it does not feel bad at all. Although we would have liked to see how it would look if the wheels were also black, it sure gave it a more sporty touch.

With the arrival of these two new colors, Peugeot is keeping alive its tradition of adding a touch of color to its catalog. Throughout its recent history, since the 1980s, at some point it has surprised everyone by pulling out of its hat a model decorated with a non-traditional color palette.