Parking Aids: The Best 360o Cameras


If you are one of those who hates parking your car, 360o cameras are your best option, as they offer you a peripheral view of your vehicle on your screen. In this way, you can see everything that happens around your car without having to get out of it, and carry out the maneuver more easily.

How do 360o car cameras work?

360o cameras are an equipment, which can come standard or optional in the car- that uses four cameras located in different parts of the vehicle (they are usually installed on the front grille, on the exterior mirrors and on the rear license plate) .

The cameras record each side of the vehicle and project the images on the interior screen of the vehicle, where the image of the car appears from a bird’s eye view with everything around it, both objects and pedestrians. In addition, the front and rear cameras show colored lines that indicate the approximate distance between the object and the car.

With this vision, the driver receives all the graphic information from above, checking in real time the proximity or distance of objects and obstacles that are next to the car.

This tool greatly facilitates maneuvers in narrow places or in those where there are bollards or columns. Thanks to it, you can fully bring the car to the curb and park in line without any setback.

Parking Aids: Best 360o car cameras

The first brand to introduce this technology was Infiniti, doing it in its Q45 saloon. Let’s see which 360o car cameras drivers prefer.

MiCarBa Panoramic Bird’s Eye Parking System: It consists of two side cameras, one front and one rear, each of which has a 170 degree view, giving a complete view without blind spots. The parking aid system offers real-time monitoring and features a G (gravity) motion sensor.

SZDALOS 3D 360 Surround View Car camera system: SZDALOS, Chinese manufacturer of electronic accessories has a good quality 360 degree camera. Its four tracks allow you to see the perimeter of the car in real time, with the option to choose the angle of the car. Its four cameras also record while the vehicle is circulating or when it is stationary if it feels any vibration, with 1920 X 1080 video quality.

LHYP 1080P HD 3D Panoramic Camera 360 Degree: It has four cameras resistant to water of 170 degrees each. It also equips G-sensor to facilitate parking, and includes a screen that can be switched alternately from 3D to 2D.

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