Nuviz HUD: Review of the First Motorcycle HUD

Motorcycle market is already full of different helmet HUDs, but what’s the first? Nuviz, a non internally integrated into the helmet head up display.

Nuviz is designed to be mounted on the front of the helmet, aligning the screen with the right eye so as to have a helmet HUD that projects information on the field of vision. This means having the navigator in front of eyes, reducing the need to look down, which is essential on a motorcycle where everything flows faster compared to a car and where distraction can be fatal, especially considering that we are less protected.

But there is not only navigation: there is the management of calls and music, using the Bluetooth kit included in the package that allows you to mount microphone and speakers in the predispositions that all helmets now have. Moreover, there is a video camera, in addition with  speedometer and GPS-based speed data.

Having a HUD in the helmet is a big step forward to safety and more comfortable riding. First of all the navigation: you start the app and add the destination, even creating an itinerary with several stops if necessary. After that you can even turn off the smartphone as GPS is included in the Nuviz. Favorites, saved locations and latest destinations are saved on the internal memory, so you can navigate without having to use your phone.

Another advantage of this HUD is the brightness. Already at 50% of the maximum level this HUD is able to cope with sunny days, even the most particular conditions, especially for sunrise and sunset. In addition, there are two modes that can be set with the preferred brightness level: day and night, so you don’t have to stop for adjustments when it gets dark.

Nuviz also allows you to manage calls and music, and if you want you can still connect your Bluetooth intercom and take advantage of its features, its microphone and its speakers. From the HUD you can manage the list of the latest calls (missed, received or made) and answer the incoming ones. There is no graphical access to the address book, for that you will have to use your smartphone.

Nuviz is controlled by an accessory to be mounted on the handlebar: here the 3 accessories included in the package make it truly universal. In short, you will be able to adapt it to every need and find a place to mount it: by going to the control blocks, on the handlebar or in any other place. With a little inventiveness you can even integrate it into gloves or make a “bracelet” for example.

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