NMoto Golden Age: Modernity and Classic Elegance


The NMoto Golden Age is the new project by Alexander Niznik, NMoto’s alma mater and author of the beautiful Nostalgia, his version of the classic BMW R7, which the designer made from an R NineT.

In this case, Niznik has been based on the 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline, a motorcycle designed by Ray Courtney, which in turn was inspired by the Chrysler Airflow, a sleek North American car from the 1930s.

Niznik has therefore started from the Streamline, adapting its design to the chassis and engine of the modern BMW C400GT, since the designer is a big fan of the German brand.

Retro style, current mechanics

NMoto has traced the lines of the Henderson, but with small nuances, such as replacing the only front grille with the BMW double ‘kidney’, and replacing the only single seat on the American motorcycle with a comfortable but two-seater seat.

The headlight of the NMoto Golden Age is inevitably round, how could it be less, although with LED technology. What we do not know is if the instrumentation will be classic style or the TFT of the C400GT will be adapted. Nor if the wide rear will house a chest.

Of course the engine will be the 34 hp LC of the BMW C400GT, and will have ASC control and ABS.

The NMoto Golde Age price has not been announced, although it will be made to order and will be presented in the spring of next year.

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