Nissan News: Nissan Announces Plans to Build New Vans in Europe


Although it may not seem like that, the industrial segment is very important in Europe. Their sales volume is dwarfed by cars, SUVs and TTs, but brands are increasingly betting on them. The reason may come from the change that society has undergone and the way they shop. In any case, there are firms that have been linked to this part of the market for many years and Nissan is one of the best known in the industry.

A few days ago we presented the evolution that the Nissan NV300 Combi has undergone. This van is located in the heart of the middle segment and its passenger version aspires to be a reference. However, the range of the Japanese manufacturer can still expand to other plots. Especially in terms of electrification, since the electric e-NV200 will cease to be manufactured when the Zona Franca (Barcelona) closes forever.

According to the press release issued by the Japanese manufacturer, the next generation of small vans to be launched on the market will be manufactured in Maubeuge, France.

Leaving aside Spain, the firm explains what path its new industrialists will take. As expected, they will be created on a shared basis with Renault and Mitsubishi. In fact, they have announced that this new project will be located in the same segment as the Kangoo. In addition, it will include options with a combustion engine (gasoline – diesel) and one 100% electric, as well as commercial and passenger versions.

Being an identical model to the Renault Kangoo, it will have several size combinations. The main difference between the French version and the Japanese version is that they will all remain for sale under the same banner. And all this without mentioning that each version will have its own aesthetics, equipment possibilities and chassis and steering tuning.

As Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s chief operating officer stated: “This future van announcement is further evidence of the strong momentum Nissan is building in Europe as we continue to advance our Nissan NEXT business transformation plan.”

“Manufacturing our future products together with our Alliance partner provides competitive advantages for both companies and is another example of our win-win strategy.”