New Yamaha TRACER 9 and TRACER 9 GT 2021


“Roads of Life” is the main concept behind Yamaha’s Sport Touring segment. The objective is to bring together all kinds of motorcyclists who are looking for the same.

The main objective of Yamaha’s “Sport Touring” segment is to bring together all profiles who want to explore new roads and create new memories with every kilometer. Basically that would be the “Roads of Life” that the Japanese firm presents with its new TRACER 9 and TRACER 9 GT 2021.

Yamaha reminds us of the need to get out there and explore new paths, to clear our minds on every ride on two wheels, and to appreciate our natural surroundings. Now more than ever, take advantage of the true benefits of our frames, especially the Yamaha Sport Touring models.

We always like to review the history of the novelties. In the case of the Tracer 900, its first version dates from 2015. With its perfect balance between sportiness and tourism, this model landed in Europe to change the Sport Touring concept we had in mind.

Its mix of sportsmanship, tourism capable of covering long-distance trips, and day-to-day comfort attracted different clients from different segments.

The model was renewed in 2018 with the arrival of the EU4, making the Tracer 900 the number one motorcycle in its segment with sales that surpassed the sales of its closest rival by three in 2019. For many it is the definitive Sport Touring and this makes it one of the most important models in the Yamaha range.

Five years after its launch, the Tracer models that Yamaha presents today are lighter, more powerful and even more versatile, perfectly covering its philosophy of “Sports heart, touring soul”.