Motorcycle Battery Charger: Their Types and Which One to Choose


One of the frequent reasons that leave you on foot when you ride a motorcycle is why the motorcycle battery gets discharged and how to recharge it.

The motorcycle battery can discharge for reasons ranging from the deterioration of the spare part or lack of use to low temperatures. It is a frequent problem and, if you move in this popular means of transport, it is convenient to learn how to charge a motorcycle battery to save money and time and solve it yourself in a little while.

But before learning how to charge the battery, you need to know which motorcycle battery charger to use.

There are different types and the choice depends on the type of problem we are trying to solve.

Smart chargers: These are electrical devices that make automatic decisions about how to charge. They are the most common.

Traditional: This type of charger requires user supervision.

Battery maintainer: This type has little power and its mission is to prevent the battery from discharging. It can’t be used if the battery died.

Jump starters: These are portable options, which allow the motorcycle to start in case of running out of battery.

To charge a battery that has died, the best option is a smart charger. It is important to consider that both jump starters and maintainers are not suitable for this, although they fulfill other load functions in maintenance.