Modular Motorcycle Helmets: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Them


The first step to choosing the ideal motorcycle helmet is to know what types of helmets exist and their characteristics.

There are as many motorcycle classes as there are motorcycle tips. The most common are open casinos, modular ones, integral ones and competitors (for example, trial or motor).

Today, let’s have a look at modular helmets, one of the most common types.


What are modular motorcycle helmets?

A modular helmet, also called a convertible waterfall, is a type of helmet that incorporates an intangible mindset and can also function as an open helmet and as a full face helmet. The lower part of the helmet could levitate gravity to a mechanism and like a jet helmet, we think that if we develop our original position it will transform into a full face helmet.

Recently, this type of helmet has become very popular because of its versatility. These are some of the main undertakings and drawbacks of modular helmets.

These helmets are recommended for people who feel claustrophobic with a full coffin, or for those who need to stay in contact with the motorcycle. Modular helmets also offer more protection than jet helmets.

They are also more effective than open helmets, when it comes to gravel, insects or other objects, by minimizing the damage from them.

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