Microletta, a Three-Wheel Electric Scooter that Looks Like a Toy


If you like the Piaggio MP3 or Yamaha Tricity, but are looking for something less conventional, the Microletta may suit you.

The Swiss company Microlino Car has launched its first electric scooter, and it is with three wheels (two front and one rear), a nice and retro alternative to a Yamaha Tricity 125 or a Piaggio MP3.

The new scooter is called Microletta, a curious three-wheel urban vehicle that looks like a life-size toy, both for its aesthetics, proportions and even decoration.

With rounded and chubby lines, it has a beautiful retro-modern feel with details such as the chrome-plated headlight, the circular instrumentation, but with a color TFT screen, a bag hook or a glove compartment-pocket, both in leather or a retro-styled seat with a chrome handle. .

Equipped with connectivity, GPS, full led lighting, it has two removable batteries under the seat and a hole to store an integral.

As for its benefits, a maximum speed of 80 km/h is promised, and a range of 100 km. Furthermore, as it is considered a tricycle, it can be driven with a car license, a real advantage.

By the way, its price is 4,900 euros.