Mercedes Benz Cologne: A Tribute to the New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Campaign in documentary about Alicia Keys


The documentary about Alicia Keys offers us a very personal look at her life. The 15 Grammys winner is authentic and talks about the most important things in her life. The unpublished and never-before-seen video includes the song “Love Looks Better” from her new album ALICIA of hers that shows her most personal and musical side of her life.

It is a tribute to the current 360o campaign of the new S-class “Cares for what matters”. Globally recognized stars like Alicia Keys combine personal excellence with social activism and thus support the central idea of the campaign.

According to Alicia Keys herself “Greatness emerges from dedication. It is about giving the best of yourself day after day. If that is the case, you will achieve your dreams. To show greatness, dedicate yourself to those you love and take care of what really matters ”.

Let’s remember that the central idea of the “Cares for what matters” campaign is focused on showing what matters most in life. And that is the people around us, who should always be safe and for whom we want to have more free time. And the new S-class offers the customers the perfect cabin, with a contemporary, protected luxury that is enjoyed with all the senses, to be able to take care of the essentials in life.

The 5-minute documentary was produced in California and shot in her own home, complying with all Covid-19 security measures.