McLaren News: McLaren Artura, the New V6 Hybrid Supercar


McLaren has introduced a new supercar that represents a real step forward for the brand, the McLaren Artura. Although aesthetically it offers the typical McLaren design, it is the company’s first hybrid after ensuring years ago that all its models would be electrified in 2025, and it does not seem that they have gone wrong.

The McLaren Artura uses a 3.0-liter V6 biturbo engine with 585 hp and 585 Nm of torque, while the electrical part is located in the transmission, yielding 95 hp and 225 Nm of torque. Altogether, the new hybrid supercar is capable of delivering 680 hp, and all this for a very contained weight.


High power and low weight

The Woking brand has always been obsessed with the scale. Notice that despite being a plug-in hybrid model and having a 7.4 kWh battery, the total weight of the car is just 1,395 kilos. In fact, the set of components for the hybrid system only weighs 130 kilos (88 kg for batteries and 15.4 kg for the engine). Finally, the curb weight is only 1,498 kilograms.

To give you an idea of its potential, the new McLaren Artura needs 3 seconds to do 0 to 100 km/h, 8.3 seconds to reach 200 km/h from a standstill and just 21.5 seconds to reach 300 per hour starting from scratch. Its top speed is limited to 330 km/h.

Carbon fiber chassis for the McLaren Artura

Among other things, we must emphasize that it uses a totally new platform. It is called McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) and in this case it has a very light carbon fiber monocoque chassis (only 82 kilos), using aluminum for the subframe.

On an aesthetic level, it does not present a great revolution despite being a very important model in the history of the company. It inherits the usual features of Woking models in recent years, introducing an 8-inch touchscreen for infotainment in the cabin.

If you wonder about its price, in the United Kingdom it starts from 185,500 pounds sterling, and about 213,500 euros with the change.