Jaguar will Be a 100% Electric Brand by 2025


Jaguar Land Rover has recently unveiled its plans for the future. Its CEO, Thierry Bolloré, stated about having a strategy focused on electromobility.

Among the projects of the British manufacturer (now under the umbrella of Tata Motors) is to turn Jaguar into a 100% electric brand by 2025. It seems that a few years are coming full of novelties, as they have to update their range a lot to reach that target.

Currently, Jaguar only has one electric car, the I-Pace, which has recently been updated to stay competitive. Now the next thing is to get rid of its current combustion models and launch newly developed vehicles, all of them based on an exclusive platform for electrics. This means that there is a change of plans and that copies as a replacement for the Jaguar XJ may not finally come true.

To reach this goal of turning Jaguar into a brand that only makes electric cars, 2,500 million pounds will be invested in the development of new technologies. Besides, Land Rover is not going to be left behind, a brand which is more focused on SUVs and SUVs will also embrace electromobility in a notable way.

They promise up to six purely electric models, the first will be ready in 2024 and the rest will arrive before the end of the decade. In this case, the MLA platform will be used, which can accommodate combustion and electrical mechanics, but they also work on another alternative. Jaguar Land Rover mentions the importance of hydrogen and its intention to develop fuel cell technology to apply it to its vehicles by 2025. With all these changes it aims to be a carbon neutral manufacturer by the year 2039.