IoT: Smart Car mpg and Others are the New Frontier of the Automotive Industry


Through the Internet of Things (IoT), the car will generate a series of alerts that can range from activating alarms in the event of accidents and speed limits, evaluating the general behavior of the vehicle, analyzing ways of driving, as well as allowing its geolocation in real time, to generate geofences, among other things.

We are moving toward a future where people can connect in other ways. Smart car mpg vehicles are becoming the threshold of the new paradigm of the automotive industry: a car connected with everything, and capable of understanding what is happening around it. Currently, the autonomous car is a reality but as a prototype that has a few more years of development work ahead, in a scenario in which different actors are involved, ranging from the automotive industry, technology companies, telephony and infrastructures.

However, today the Internet of Things (ioT) is among us thanks to increased vehicle connectivity and the combination of devices, sensors and data analytics, which are driving the transition from cars to connected vehicles to make our lives easier.

Today, the IoT has been successfully applied in road safety. In our country, it is already possible to have a connected vehicle, through devices installed in the vehicle that provide assistance in the event of road emergencies, given that by facilitating connectivity, they allow immediate alarms to be generated in the event of accidents, or request assistance to bring assistance in the when and where it is needed (continue reading).

“Its operation is given thanks to a sensor that records the intensity of accelerations and decelerations of the vehicle that, in case of perceiving unusual behavior of the car, detects it as an accident, automatically generating an alarm that is received in our Command Center and Control, which is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. At that time, the emergency care protocol is activated, which comprises, in a summarized way, the location of the vehicle by means of the GPS installed by Ituran, an immediate call to the driver of the vehicle to verify the magnitude of the accident and in parallel the shipment of ambulances, police, firefighters and even civil defense, according to what the situation requires ”, says Ing. Cristian Fanciotti, president of Ituran Argentina. Currently the company offers emergency and security services to connect to any type of vehicle.

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