Inside Automotive Industry: Four Trends for 2020


Is it still possible to introduce new innovation inside automotive sector? The answer is yes.

Innovating every time seems a more complicated task, and it is that at a certain moment, it seems that we have already seen everything and we ask ourselves: can we, in case, do something that changes things?

Professor Roberto Salas Corrales, Coordinator of Mechanical Engineering at CETYS Universidad Campus Tijuana, spoke about this topic, highlighting four areas of opportunity where innovation is still required in the automotive sector: robust design, solving the need for fuel, reuse or recycling of auto parts and innovation in accessories and complementary devices.

Let’s have a look at four trends of the automotive industry in 2020.

The robust design: Driving is always susceptible to improvement. The transportation, the use of space and the design of the pieces, no matter how small, can have a positive and negative impact on a design.

Fuels: Today dictates a hegemony of fossil fuels, and more so in our country, that is very true. But in the future, we will have to learn about renewable energy, and young mechanical engineers who have to take the step.

Recycling and reuse of auto parts: What happens to all the auto parts that are thrown away? It is no longer tolerable to generate more garbage, so new ways of dealing with the issue of car “junk” are necessary.

Accessories and complementary devices: GPS as well as backup cameras have arrived almost as an indispensable necessity in a car. What’s next? Upcoming engineers in the field will have to worry about that.

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