Hyundai WIA Presents Its Latest 4×4 Drivetrain Systems


Through its subsidiary Hyundai WIA, the Korean group has developed a complete line of electronic four-wheel drive systems, with which it is possible to increase performance on the road with the least environmental impact.

By using more compact and lighter units, as well as more efficient management of all components of the traction system, Hyundai WIA is taking a step forward in the development of its more efficient 4×4 systems. These connectable all-wheel drive systems guarantee optimum performance in different driving conditions thanks to electronic torque distribution and the possibility of choosing between different driving modes: comfort, snow and mud.

With the innovations incorporated by the company, all of them tested in extreme conditions in its own laboratories, the different technologies of electronic traction of Hyundai WIA guarantee a more precise control of torque, with a maximum deviation of 10 percent from the ideal delivery line. par, while the main competitors move in a range that stands, on average, at 20 percent.

Hyundai WIA has developed different components to offer two different configurations: front engine and front wheel drive (FF), as well as front engine and rear wheel drive (FR). In the first case, one of the key components is the Power Transfer Unit (PTU), which stands out for its compact design, really low weight and high efficiency. For its part, the electrical coupling offers a shorter response time and a high precision torque control that minimizes the loss of rotation. The third key component is the rear differential, which also has a compact design and low weight. It offers high efficiency and a very short response time. This technology distributes the torque between both axles automatically and also has a disconnection system that saves up to 3.5 percent of fuel.

In the case of electric traction systems for vehicles with front engine and rear wheel drive, we find an active transfer case (ATC) of compact design with two-axle structure and incorporated ball joint. With it, it achieves high efficiency and lower vibrations and noise. The front axle with integrated crankcase (IOP) also stands out for its compact design, low weight and high efficiency. Lastly, an electronic limited-slip differential is responsible for increasing traction in low-grip conditions.

Hyundai WIA is the subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group responsible for the development and production of automotive components, such as engines, transmission systems, modules or CV joints. It also supplies parts for other business areas, such as heavy machinery, defense products or aircraft components. In addition, it is the main producer of machine tools in its country of origin.