Husqvarna Supermoto: Husqvarna FC450 Rockstar Edition 2021


Husqvarna has presented a special edition of its flagship within the motocross segment. The FC 450 is dressed up in hard rock concert mode thanks to the Rockstar Edition version.

The change in design is certainly significant, since the Husqvarna cross country is characterized precisely by a rather sober decoration, with a profusion of white and minimalist graphics. But this “electrifying” version stands out with a much more daring finish, with a great prominence of the black color, both in the body and in the chassis and seat, in contrast to the yellow of the rear fender and the fork protectors. The corporate white remains solely on the front fender. Without a doubt, a decoration that will not leave indifferent motocross fans.

Under the new colors, the FC450 Rockstar features a good list of specialty components. The original exhaust silencer gives way to one of the FMF brands. The clutch gains robustness with the use of a Rekluse signature cap and it has also been chosen to mount a Brembo hydraulic pump instead of the original Magura. In addition, the engine can be customized via mobile phone thanks to the Connectivity Unit, which consists of a communication switchboard, installed in the handlebar protector, which we can control from the myHusqvarna APP to modify the engine settings and configure the settings for the suspensions. A system that can also be used in the standard FC450, although after purchasing it as an accessory.

The cycle section also benefits from special components, such as the machined seatposts that allow adjusting the offset in two positions, to vary the steering response. We also find Factory wheels, with DID rims and anodized hubs. The grips are from the ODI brand, as in the standard model, although they use a softer and more grippy compound. The original WP Xact AER fork is maintained, although it is equipped with a locking system for the outputs. The seat is signed by the Guts brand, with the same cover used by the official Anderson and Osborne motorcycles, equipped with grooves on the upper part to improve grip when accelerating. Finally, a skid plate and front disc guard are included.

The new Husqvarna FC450 Rockstar Edition will be available for dealers starting from December 2020. As it is a special edition, the number of units will be smaller than in the case of the original motorcycle.

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