Honda X-Wing, Nothing to Do with Star Wars


It was 1999 when the brand with the golden wing showed the Honda X-Wing, a prototype of a high-flying touring motorcycle.

With a name taken from the very Star Wars movie, Honda presented a very futuristic gran turismo motorcycle at the Tokyo show, with a lot of technology and a very attractive and sharp design.

Among its advances it had an electronically adjustable seat and fairing to vary the aerodynamic protection and driving position and digital instrumentation.

The Honda X-Wing was very advanced for its time, with digital instrumentation and traction control. Curiously, a GPS navigator was also included, with “turn to turn” instructions. Radio controls were also displayed, with buttons above the gas tank.

In addition, it had electronic mirrors with two color LCD screens side by side with the instrumentation, a breakthrough at the time.

But there was more since it had very basic traction control and ABS, incipient technology at that time, more than 20 years ago.

From this prototype the Paneuropean ST1300 would derive, although it did not have the electronic paraphernalia

It used a transverse V6 engine -4T, LC, 24V, DOHC, IE- 1,500 c.c. to move and it also had a variable distribution, with final transmission by cardan, a really noble power plant.

Unfortunately this motorcycle as it was never made, but it was the basis for the future Honda ST 1300 Pan-European, the successor to the 1990 ST1100 Pan-European, which would be launched three years later, in 2002, although it moved with a transverse V4 engine, and its suspensions and equipment were conventional.