Honda, will the NC Family have a New 800 Engine?

Honda could be working to equip its NC twin-cylinder family with a revised version of the engine, which could increase in displacement up to 800 cm3, a solution made necessary by the arrival of the Euro5. This change would definitely have an impact on not only NC motorcycles, but also Integra and X-ADV. Yet, the increase in displacement may not be the only surprise.

The imminent arrival of the Euro 5 could induce Honda to put their hands on the twin cylinder with which the motorcycles and scooters of the NC family are equipped. In essence, this would be an increase in displacement up to 800 cm3 necessary to meet the new regulations in terms of emissions without losing performance (the increase in volume, in fact, “levels” the performance losses due to the stringent Euro 5).

The new engine could therefore be presented this autumn and would equip the motorcycles of the NC family including the Integra and X-ADV scooters. If this change seems likely, we do not know what the real news about the new engine may be. In fact, some patents published some time ago seemed to certify the arrival of an engine not only modified in displacement, but revised in many of its aspects: the drawings showed a more compact unit, with a slightly more inclined cylinder group, which could thus improve the roominess in particular for Integra and X-ADV.

According to some rumors, the solution to obtain a more horizontal cylinder block may have been developed, not only by making the block more compact, but also by making use of the famous Unicam single-shaft distribution system, developed on motocross bikes and then brought for the first time. once on a road with the VFR 1200 F. And speaking of offroad, there is another long-awaited bike that could mount the new engine, perhaps increased in displacement not by 50 but 100 cm3, obviously we are talking about the Africa Twin version ” mini “, a motorcycle among the most talked about and expected that with its arrival would complete the on-off offer of the Tokyo house. In short, a new engine, yes, but many suggestions “in the barrel”. To find out more, we will only have to wait until next autumn when the houses will present the new products expected for 2021.

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