Honda Latest Bikes: Honda NT1100 with the Africa Twin Engine


That Honda was going to make new motorcycles with the 1100 Africa Twin is something that the brand itself had notified.

A year ago, Honda patented two different types of chassis for road motorcycles with the 1100 parallel twin. One of them was of the thorn type, a simple unfolded cradle. The other one was a multitubular.

From Japan it was rumored with the possible arrival of a CB1100X, a sport-tourer or a very asphalt trail focused on the asphalt, in the style of the BMW F900XR, for example.

After the appearance of the custom Rebel 1100, the announcement of the patent of a Honda NT1100 tells us about a road. Let’s remember that the NT700 Deauville were medium-displacement road bikes, which used the V-engine of the Transalp, but with a final drive by cardan.

It would therefore be a motorcycle similar to the popular Pan European road. In the case of the latter, it was fitted with a 1300 cc V4 engine, and 117 hp, but the new twin, even having less power, would be clearly lighter.

This bike could mount the thorn chassis that was already patented, and a future CB1100X or even a sports naked would be equipped with the multitubular version.

In these cases, it would not be unreasonable to imagine that the 1,084 c.c. and 101 hp could develop a little more power, around 110 hp.

The only certainty is that the Japanese brand has homologated a Honda NT1100, and that means a road with the two-cylinder Africa Twin engine. It would be a model of 2022 and what we should see in the fall classrooms.