Honda CB350 Scrambler, the Next to Arrival in the CB Family?


The arrival of the Honda CB350 H’ness, initially was planned for the Asian market. And now the Japanese brand is considering taking it to other markets as well, perhaps the European one among them, especially after Royal Enfield announced that it would bring its new 350 to the Old Continent.

This simple motorcycle with a retro line, ideal for A2 novices, has a 348 c.c. single-cylinder engine cooled by air that has a torque of 30 Nm at only 3,000 revolutions. The change is 5-speed, the clutch is anti-skid and has traction control. In addition, it has connectivity with the smartphone via bluetooth.

Honda already announced that there would be more versions of this bike and it is likely that in the next year we will see people of Young Machine bet on a Honda CB350 Scrambler.

When those of Young Machine bet on the arrival of the Honda CB350 Scrambler and possibly so, although perhaps the CB 350 Café Racer will arrive before.