GIVI Motorcycle Tool Bag


GIVI motorcycle tool bag prepared for any type of unforeseen event on the road, suitable for all types of motorcyclists who know mechanics or not, with utensil compartment and hook to place it on the motorcycle handlebar. Made of high quality polyester and printed with reflective motifs for increased visibility.

More Details: An unforeseen event on the road? GIVI motorcycle tool bag, suitable for all motorists with a minimum of experience in motorcycle mechanics. For when the least expected day on your trip, any breakdown arises and you can be prepared to repair any type of mechanical damage.

With 2 velcro closures, the GIVI roll-up bag is presented to store your tools, in which you will forget many times about having to go to your typical motorcycle workshop to repair that breakdown, thanks to the fact that the motorcycle tool bag is prepared to transport all the necessary materials for your motorcycle.

T515 Moto Tool Bag: Features

The T515 motorcycle tool bag is designed to carry any type of tools and on any occasion, be it summer or winter, sun or rain, thanks to its 1200D polyester material you can carry your kit at any time, now which is a very resistant fabric. On the outside it incorporates a hook, ideal to make the possible repair easier since it can be hooked to the handlebar of the motorcycle and the bag itself will be extended to reach the tools, always thinking about the comfort of the motorcyclist.

Inside the folding motorcycle tool case, we can see several compartments with elastic bands for different types of utensils, such as screwdrivers, wrenches … In addition to having a closed compartment with a zippered net for small objects. It has the ideal dimensions to place in the S250 TOOLBOX apart from being compatible with the M.O.L.L.E.

What is the price of the GIVI moto tool bag?

The price for the GIVI motorcycle tool bag is officially €29.00. The price is worth it as this bag can get you out of trouble on more than one occasion.

The T515 bag of tools for motorcycles is suitable for all types of motorcyclists with little knowledge about mechanics, but even so this T515 bag is essential when starting your march.

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