Futuristic Helmet CrossHelmet, the Most Advanced Smart Motorcycle Helmet on the Market


CrossHelmet, an intelligent helmet that incorporates a camera, helmets and many stateoftheart functions, wants to revolutionize the motorcycle market.

The materials that helmets are made of have changed over the past decades. They are now stronger and lighter. But its technology remains the same. They protect the head in the event of a blow and allow good visibility when driving at high speed.

With the technological advances of recent years, however, it is possible to manufacture a helmet that transforms the experience of riding a motorcycle. And that’s just what CrossHelmet has done. This smart motorcycle helmet not only protects but is packed with so many features that just a few years ago it would have seemed like science fiction.

It has a rear camera that projects the image of the road onto the viewfinder, combined with weather data from the route and GPS information. This allows the rider, finally, to maneuver without losing sight of the road and with the certainty of knowing exactly where the rest of the surrounding vehicles are. It also connects to the mobile phone and has headphones that allow you to play music or have conversations without losing ambient noise from the road and even manage group calls so that motorists traveling in convoys can talk during the journey.

The helmet also collects data from each trip, such as the average speed or the route followed, and allows it to be compared with historical data or to share it on social networks.

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