EyeRide: This is an Innovative GPS Head Up Display System for Your Helmet

Recently, French company Eyelights launched its EyeRide GPS system for motorcycles on crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The head up display system, which uses OLED technology provided by Sony, claims that it is compatible with all types of motorcycle helmets, from full-face, open, to modular helmets. The system can provide the user with all the functionalities of a GPS system, indicating the route to follow to reach a certain address, in addition to allowing him to make and answer calls, listen to music and communicate with other fellow travelers.

HUD screens in motorcycle helmets are called to be one of the essential technologies in the coming years, even companies like Shoei are working on a production version with the technology already integrated into the helmet.

So it seems that those who are not willing to pay for a fully equipped helmet will have the option to equip their helmet with systems such as the EyeRide from Eyelights.

The two-piece system uses an external control device and a Bluetooth unit that connects to the phone. The end of the unit is the small helmet-mounted projector, which provides the user with the information they have selected.

The system is compatible with multiple mapping applications, including Waze and Google Maps, as well as the Garmin mapping system. The route, directions and any other information is shown to the user through a transparent OLED screen built by Sony.

The unit also uses Discord for group communication, not Bluetooth, which means that a greater range will be available and, therefore, it will be able to have a greater number of pilots connected communicating at the same time – although keeping in mind! Some of the people I go out with may not be a good idea!

GPS Head Up Display: Shows your turn-by-turn navigation, current speed and speed limit directly in your natural line of sight.

Hands-free kit: Receive or make calls. Communicate with all the intercoms on the market through WhatsApp © or Discord © or by directly pairing EyeLights with your intercom.

Voice control: Make calls, play the next song… while keeping your hands on the handlebars.

Music: Listen to the radio or play your favorite playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer … directly from your smartphone.

Compatible with all helmets (integral, open and modular).

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