Electric Cars as the Future of Automotive Industry


In a world where the need to bet on sustainable mobility is increasing, electric cars are the future of automotive technology.

Sales of electric cars continue to show a slow but constant growth in the figures relative to the first three months of the year, with the Chinese market once again overtaking the European and American markets despite the fact that last year the gap between them was reduced.

Combining the three major markets, Europe, the United States & Canada, and Asia, total sales have reached approximately 750,000 electric cars, of which 399,000 correspond to the Chinese market only, and which translates into a growth of 326% with respect to the previous year.

Europe has registered 212,000 sales, while the American market only adds 115,000 units (15%). The rest of the countries of the world contribute 25,000 units to the total figure, which is only 4%.

Electric cars have a range of advantages that make them worth choosing, and some negative sides as well. Let’s check some of them.


Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

Here are some of the advantages of electric cars:

  • Electric cars respect the environment: these cars don’t pollute because they do not need fuel. They work thanks to the conversion of electricity into energy.
  • They are less noisy: These cars produce very little noise. In an electric vehicle we can talk without having to raise our voices or listen to music at a normal tone.
  • These cars have an insurance policy that is much cheaper.
  • They provide more efficiency, lower consumption and greater savings.

The main disadvantages of electric cars:

  • Little autonomy: At the present technological moment the real autonomy of an electric car exceeds 300 km, but the official figures close to 500 or even 600 km should not mislead us: it’s difficult to obtain these figures in all circumstances;
  • Inadequate charging point network: Before purchasing an electric vehicle we must bear in mind that we need a garage, in addition to the necessary installation for the power outlet to be able to charge the car battery.
  • High price of batteries.


About Chevrolet Bolt EV 2022

One of the best choices in the electric cars’ market that is worth noting is Chevrolet Bolt.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV 2022 or Chevy Bolt represents the shift to the second generation of General Motors’ electric car.

Its new attractive exterior will grab your attention from the start. This model provides long range, convenient charging options and low maintenance. Besides, it offers first-rate tech, comfortable seating and smooth handling. Its available 240-volt charging unit lets you plug in at home.

Coming to the data, its dashboard will keep you informed about everything from your battery life to driving history. The wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto capability automatically connects to your smartphone, so you’re always connected wherever you go.

To conclude, in recent years, the advancement and integration of electric cars in today’s society has marked the national and international automotive scene.