Daimler News: Daimler Teams up with Banco Tapitas to Support Cancer Patients


The program that is set to last one year, from July 2020 to July 2021, has two main objectives: the first is to make the employees aware of the correct handling of waste, specifically plastic caps, which are solids that could end up in the seas and soils with serious consequences for the environment; as well as encouraging the participation of workers in health projects that benefit children and young people who suffer from cancer, by making donations that are transformed into treatments, fulfillment of dreams, among others.

The collection of the lids is carried out by means of containers placed in specific places, with respect to Daimler these will be in its three main plants: Saltillo, Santiago and Toluca.

“This practice (collecting plastic lids) was already a reality in our company, however, we wanted it to translate into something bigger, so we made this alliance with Banco Tapitas to make this project benefit cancer patients and that generates a positive impact on the environment, which in turn encourages our collaborators to follow the lines of sustainability, with proper waste management, as well as promoting solidarity and awareness towards childhood cancer ”, said Flavio Rivera , President and CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles.

For its part, Banco Tapitas will share how this joint effort will be transformed into the purchase of basic drugs for chemotherapies, food supplements and funding for the fulfillment of patients’ dreams.

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