Colove 800X, New Trail from China


Colove is a new motorcycle manufacturer based in China, with a desire to expand worldwide. The 800X was featured online on social media. If the CFMoto 800 MT has raised a lot of expectations, this Colove 800X promises to do the same.

Colove already produces trail bikes, such as the 400X or the 500X two-cylinder.

The Colove 800X uses a clone of the KTM engine, as externally it looks identical to the Austrian LC8c twin cylinder, plus the same internal dimensions: 88 x 65.7mm. However, some external elements are slightly different from those of the KTM engine, and even the ratio is somewhat higher.

Colove claims that its bikes will have quickshifter, riding modes and cornering ABS, as well as Bluetooth connectable TFT instrumentation.

The Chinese factory presented three different versions, all of them using the same engine and cycle part, but with different aesthetics. One of them is very reminiscent of the Yamaha Ténéré, and the other two are reminiscent of the BMW F850GS.

The intention of the Chinese brand is that the Colove 800X reaches the worldwide market.