Cardo System, Bluetooth Wireless Motorcycle Intercom


Are you looking to stay connected and listen to music while riding your motorcycle? We present you just what you need: Cardo Motorcycle Communication System.

This new model of two-way communication system with Bluetooth connectivity is the best option for all motorcyclists. It’s an intercom that provides great audio quality and it’s worth your money.

Cardo offers a modern and avant-garde communication system. It is the most innovative of Freecom 1 type technology.

Communicate wherever you go: The ability to communicate is given by its Bluetooth connection mechanism, with a high range of connectivity.

His style is extremely slim, standing just 16 millimeters tall. It’s made based on an aerodynamic design that makes it as light that you will hardly realize that you carry it with you. When compared to other Bluetooth headphones, they are very ergonomic and highly functional models.

Multifunctional system: In addition to acting as a communication system, this Cardo motorcycle product offers a wide range of options, such as radio, music and GPS to enjoy the experience of riding a motorcycle to the fullest. This is what makes the Cardo communication system one of the most complete products of its kind.

With Cardo, you’ll be able to communicate with other motorists even in times of heaviest rain. In addition, it is also an anti-dust and anti-snow device.

Audio of excellent quality: Thanks to the slim speakers measuring barely 40 millimeters, this communication system allows you to easily move it wherever you want. It has an advanced technology processor, so you can play all the songs you want through your smartphone.

Choose the musical projects with which you want to set your motorcycle experience and enjoy your favorite melodies while riding.

Another advantage of this Cardo motorcycle communication system makes it possible for you to answer and make calls with the simple push of a button. You can also implement these functions through voice control.

The radio option included in this product chooses the signal with the highest intensity automatically, so that the transmission is not interrupted at any time. In addition, the audio of the music adapts to the ambient noise to offer an effective and complete sound experience.

Simply by downloading the Cardo Connect application, you can control the functions performed by this communication system.

Cheap price: Cardo’s Motorcycle Communication System is available at a low bargain cost that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. You can buy it for a price of only 126.15 euros.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this wonderful bargain on Cardo’s multifunctional motorcycle communication system.

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