Car Video Cameras, What They Serve for

Do you want to know which are the best video cameras for your car in 2020? Dashcam or video cameras for the dashboard of cars are becoming more and more fashionable throughout Europe after seeing the good results they are giving in other countries to protect themselves against complaints and car accidents.

These video cameras allow you to record everything that happens when you are driving on the road.

Having everything recorded can be very useful to later show that the acquired accident wasn’t by your fault. Or we can simply record our drive along an impressive route from a slightly different perspective.

Why is it interesting to buy a dashcam for your vehicle and not a GoPro or other similar small camera? Car cameras make sure that you won’t run out of memory by breaking up recordings into small chunks and erasing older fragments when memory fills up. The resolution should be at least 720p (HD) to get a good quality and clear video.


Things to keep in mind when buy a car video camera

Price: There are video cameras that cost from 30 euros to more than 200 euros. The cheapest models are usually very bad and the video quality is usually very low.

Resolution: The resolution needs to be at least HD, recommended Full HD or more.

Storage: These cameras record in a loop, so it is not usually a problem if you use a card of at least 32 or 64GB.

Features: Look for a model with GPS, impact detector or parking. It may be interesting that they have WIFI to connect to a mobile app.

In-car recording: You may also need to record the interior of the car, truck, or other vehicle. Also for this reason you can find good options.